YouRiding Bodyboarding IV


Genre: Sports

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Available for: Chrome

YouRiding Bodyboarding IV


Game Details

The best bodyboarding free-to-play online videogame with 3D graphics.

You are a bodyboarder? This is the videogame that you must play!

Create your avatar, improve your skills and equip your rider with different bodyboards, fins, boardshorts and wetsuits.
Ride more than 100 real waves from The Wedge in California to El Fronton in Canary Islands and Shark Island in Australia.
Do real maneuveurs like the El Rollo, Backflip, Reverse Air or new school ones like the Gainer Flip.
If you feel like a tube rider, switch to the helmet camera to get an impressive view from the inside.
Invite your friends and play against them in virtual challenges.

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