Rabbids Invasion


Genre: Simulation

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Available for: Facebook

Rabbids Invasion

Publisher: Ubisoft

Game Details

Conquer THE social network as you rabbidize your way through Rabbids Invasion from Ubisoft, the social game where you join the Rabbids in spoofing all those other social games!


As the game starts, you’ll nurture your nascent leporine invasion as you help your Rabbids transform a helpless, innocent farm into a meadow of madness. Earn resources to grow your invasion and expand your territory by changing boring silos and farmhouses a realm of cotton-candy sheep, lollipop trees, and cattle-inspired bumper cars. Earn enough and you’ll move off the farm to the big city and other levels reminiscent of some other Facebook games you may have played before. And, play with your friends to share resources, help with quests, and virally spread the mayhem.


They invaded our planet, they tried to take over, and they failed. Now, the Rabbids have a new plan… join them now!